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          When we are feeling sick and lying in bed, is parents will take care of us; When we test sent, it is parents encourage us; When we made a mistake, it is the parents' education in the us to correct our mistakes...

          Thank my parents when I was frustrated, encouraged me, comfort me, give me courage, let me set up confidence to face the difficulties bravely. Remember a math test, I only got eighty points. I returned home, sadly homework also do bad, eat not sweet. Mom saw my abnormal, kindly ask me why sat by my side. I YiWuYiShiBa exam told his mother the truth, I didn't expect that my mother did not criticize me, instead, comfort I said: "good kid, a failure is not equal to yourself is not good, do you want to analysis the reason, well know where mistakes, this is progress." Listen to the mother, I feel much more relaxed.

          Have words to say well "who made the heart-inch grass, at a three chunhui". Therefore, in order to repay hard raising my parents, I must study hard now, when I grow up, find a good job, let parents abetted. Parents paid for me, I will thank you ten times, one hundred times, return them, let them give valuable.





          A country has its laws and a family has its riles ,too.My family also has some rules.

          First of all,I have to be home by 10:00,because it is dangerious to go home late.Next ,I'm not allowed to watch TV on shool nights.In my opinion,I need time to relax instead of studying on school nights,Finally ,

          liuxue86.com The biggest problem is that I can not join clubs .My parents think that is bad for my study.They do not know I am interested in running,playing basketball and writing.

          as the saying goes ,''Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards''.I know I should study hard.but I an old enough to make my own decision.I hope my parents could my parents could understand me and give me more freedom.


          Everyone has a family. We live in it and feel very warm. There are three persons in my family, my mother, father and I. We live together very happily and there are many interesting stories about my family.

          My father is a hard-working man. He works as a doctor. He always tries his best to help every, patient and make patients comfortable. But sonetimes he works so hard that he can’t remember the date.

          My mother is a woman with a bad memory. She always does a lot of housework, but sometimes she makes mistakes out of carelessness. For example, one day, she washed clothes in the washer, after the washer finished the work, she found she hadn’t filled the washer with water.

          Now let me tell you a funny thing: one day, father wanted to get up early as usual, buthe wasn’t able to do that, because he hadn’t set the alarm clock the night before, so when he got up, he did everything in a hurry. After father left, mother said to me mysteriously, "He will come back soon." "Why?" I was greatly surprised. "Because today is Sunday, his holiday!" Just as mother said, father came back home soon, and went to bed again--he was too tired.

          You see, what an interesting family have! I hope that you will have one like mine, too.



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