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          Place the order 请客户下订单

          A: After probation, you’ll find that our silk products feel more comfortable than others’.

          B: How about this product selling from last month on?

          A: It’s selling like hot cakes, and we have lots of regulars now. Would you like to place a trial order?

          B: Amm. Well, can I have a try of the sample free of charge?

          A: Yes, we have the free samples for customers. And you can have a try.

          B: Thank you. We’ll order once we try the sample.

          A: Please wait a moment and fill out the order form. And we’ll send you our sample.

          B: OK.


          Probation 试用,尝试

          “hot cake”的意思是“畅销”,这个短语源出于此,欧洲人刚到美洲大陆时,很喜欢吃一种玉米粉做成的饼,尤其是刚出炉的时候,之后美国人就用“hot cake”来形容一个东西很受欢迎,比如:The book of Who moved my cheese? Sold like hot cake. (《谁动了我的奶酪?》这本书卖得很火。)

          Trial 试用的

          have a try 试一试

          例句:Why not have a try? 为什么不试一下呢?

          相关词语:try on 试穿

          例句:You can try on the new coat. 你可以试穿那件新大衣。

          Try it again. 再试一次。

          A: 试用后,您就会发现我们的丝绸产品比其他商家的都要舒服很多。

          B: 从上个月起,你们丝绸产品销量怎么样?

          A: 炙手可热,我们还有了一些回头客。您是否愿意下试用订单?

          B: 我能免费用用你们的试用品吗?

          A: 可以,我们给客户提供免费样品,您可以试一试。

          B: 谢谢,试用后我们会订购。请稍等,请您填一填订单,我们将把样品给您寄过去。

          A: 好的。

          Contact the customer 联系买家

          A: Hello! Is Mr. Green there?

          B: Speaking. May I ask who I am talking to?

          A: This is Li with Silk Company. We met last Sunday during the exhibition.

          B: Oh, yes. I remember your company.

          A: Thank you for visiting our products. I remember that you are interested in our silk products, and so, could I have a meet with you this week to show you more information about our products?

          B: I’d like to, but I’m afraid that my schedule is full this week.

          A: What about next week? Is it convenient for you?

          B: Amm. How about 10 a.m. on next Friday?

          A: Any time you say is OK.

          B: All right. Expecting you .


          are interested in 对……感兴趣

          What about…? 相当于How about…? 意思是“……怎么样?”用来表达向对方征求意见。

          “expecting you”的意思是“期望你的到来”,是一种礼貌用语,一般用于结束某次谈话。例如:I’ll be expecting you. 我期待着你的到来。

          A: 你好!请问格林先生在吗?

          B: 我就是,请问哪位?

          A: 我事丝绸公司的李。我们上周日在展览会上见过面。

          B: 哦,是的。我记得你们公司。

          A: 谢谢您来参观我们的产品。我记得您对我们的丝绸产品感兴趣。是否能在这个星期见见您,向您多提供一些资料呢?

          B: 我很乐意,但是恐怕这个星期没时间。

          A: 下周呢?您是否方便?

          B: 下个星期五上午十点怎么样?

          A: 您说什么时间都可以。

          B: 好的,期望你的到来。


          A: Hello! Is there anything I can help you with? 有什么可以帮忙的地方吗?

          B: Oh!Thank you for asking! But just browsing! 谢谢,我只是随便看看。

          Hello! Thanks! I am looking for some new silk products. 你好!谢谢!我正在找新的丝绸产品。

          Oh! Thank you! I need brochure of your company. 谢谢!我需要看一看你们公司的简介。

          I am interested in your product. It is said that your new-tech products sell good. 我对你们的产品感兴趣,听说你们的新科技产品销量很好。

          I’m not familiar with your corporation. Can you give me a brief introduction of the company?/ I don’t know much about your company. Could you tell me about it? 我对你们公司不是很了解,可以介绍一下你们的公司吗?

          A: OK! Our company was built in 2001. And we have around 400 employees now, two thirds of whom work in the workshops. There are two workshops, a sales department, an accounting department and a research center in our company. 我们公司建于2001年。现在有大约400名员工,其中三分之二在车间工作。我们公司设有两个车间、一个销售部、一个会计科和一个研发中心。


          Is there anything I can help you with? 有什么可以帮忙的地方吗?


          May I help you?

          Can I help you?

          May I give you a hand?

          What can I do for you?

          Would you need a help

          Do you need help?

          Anything I can do for you?







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